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Drug Law and Drug Crime

The San Diego drug crime law office of Bill O'Connell can help you avoid unnecessary consequences when facing criminal charges. Convictions for drug-related crimes are serious. Not only do you face jail time and heavy fines, your reputation is tarnished with a criminal record. Your conviction will affect your ability to secure gainful employment, apply for loans, or lease property. With a strong legal advocate by your side, you can better understand the charges you face and protect your rights under the law.

Law enforcement has been cracking down on drugs all over the country. If you've been arrested and face serious charges, our offices can help reduce your charges, negotiate a more reasonable sentence or help you avoid a criminal record. Our aggressive defense strategies are built around extensive research including investigations and case studies. Mr. O'Connell will review your charges to see if you were accused of a more severe crime than warranted. He is also a skilled negotiator and compelling litigator. He will present evidence and call witnesses in your defense.

With years of experience in Southern California, San Diego drug crime law professionals from the Law Office of Bill O'Connell can help defend your charges involving narcotics. Call today to make an appointment for your free initial consultation to see what we can do for you. We have weekend appointments available for your convenience. Ask us about our payment plans.

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