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Bill was able to help me out with my case and instantly put me at ease. There was a lot of uncertainty in my case and possible charges that may have been added on after the fact. Bill was able to not only make sure that the extra charges did not see the light of day, but he also was able to drop my two misdemeanors down to one measly infraction that will never see my record. I have licensing reviews coming up and he made sure that he did everything possible to ensure my record remained untarnished. This lawyer is professional and has a great sense of humor. On top of it all he is easily accessible and does a great job of easing fear. Thanks Bill!

Mr. O'Connell is an honest man, very professional and effective attorney. I do not hesitate to recommend him. My experience with him has been that he is straightforward in his dealing, and very cost effective and reasonable in his fees.

Confident, knowledgeable, highly professional, and a very approachable attorney. He has a high level of attention to his clients and made the process a smooth and pleasant journey, and has always replied in a timely manner. He kept me in the loop and was able to fill me in on details. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a juvenile attorney.

Attorney O' Connell represented me in a petty theft case, and the case was dismissed as he promised. I would highly recommend him if u need representation for any misdemeanor case. Thank you.

We retained Bill after a family friend's referral to represent our son on a very serious criminal matter and we cannot be more satisfied with the result. Bill explained to us how the court process would go and made us feel as comfortable about possible outcomes as family members could in this situation. The result was exactly what we had been hoping for and I would highly recommend Bill to anyone who needs a lawyer.

Mr. O'Connell was successful in achieving what he set out to do for me.

When we first hired Bill, we knew nothing about him. Being in trouble with the law for the first time, it was a very stressful situation. Bill did an excellent job, he was first-class in all aspects of our case and was able to work with the D.A. and judge to get the best possible scenario for our situation. When meeting him, you can tell he is passionate about his work and gives his clients his 110%. Bill is incredibly knowledgeable about the law and he works hard to ensure his clients are well informed and well represented in court. He goes above and beyond to help people and he is professional and confident in the court room. Thanks a lot Bill! You made a difficult time more bearable with your invaluable expertise, knowledge and personal attention.

Bill is a very experienced criminal defense lawyer. Upon our first consultation, he explained exactly what I was being charged with, the possible outcomes, and how the rest of the legal process would play out. When there was a bureaucratic mistake that resulted in an outstanding warrant for my arrest, Bill noticed and took care of it before he even notified me of what happened. He was able to negotiate a very reasonable plea bargain and produce a sentencing that did not include any time in custody. My family and I are very grateful to him and would not hesitate to use his services again. Thanks Bill!

Being a first time DUI offender, I was scared. I didn't know what to do or who to call. I was referred to Bill by another lawyer and he helped me get through my mess. Not only did he get me a reduced sentenced, but he is experienced and knows his stuff. You want a lawyer who is experienced because then they are able to better negotiate with the judges and district attorneys. Bill is that kind of lawyer.

I feel this lawyer would be good pick for anyone who finds him/her-self in legal trouble. Going into this whole thing I had had no idea what was going to happen and Bill made it clear how all of it was going work and what he felt he could do to get me a verdict that didn’t ruin my life and that he and I could live with. Let me tell you I got off pretty damn easy the DA wanted cook me but he tossed reason into the courtroom, into a place where reason some times is never shown. Thanks Bill, best wishes to you and your family. Pick him if you don’t want to sit in jail.

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